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Do You Know What Type Of Bathroom Lighting You Need?

Date Added: September 21, 2009 09:40:33 AM
Author: Rudy Silva

Good bathroom lighting is one that adds to the ambience of the bathroom and intensifies its beauty and design. It should not go against the style and theme of the bathroom, rather, bathroom lighting fixtures must be functional. If it adds to the dcor, it is an added bonus. To suit any design of the bathroom, lighting comes in many different styles and finishes. To name a few, there are strip bath lights, fluorescent lights, bulb lights, down lights, recessed lights, pendant lights, sconces, fixtures and the ones to which exhaust fans can be attached. Light shades are compatible with bathroom lighting. They can come as plain or patterned, with etched glass shades or frosted. The lights chosen for the bathroom should be properly placed. Placement is important to create the desired effect. For instance, in vanity area particularly vanity mirrors, the bathroom lighting fixtures must be stylish and functional for task lighting. Bathroom lighting fixtures are also a good match for your vanity mirrors. Women when they apply make-up and men when they shave need bright light for task lighting. However, it is a huge mistake to use very bright lights that are irritating to the eyes because such lights convey a message that people are under scrutiny. Fixtures for Bathroom lighting on the side of the mirror must be set at eye level to make the lights effective. Different effects are created at different level. The perfect is not above and below peoples eye level. Another design is to present theatrical-style lighting with the fixtures can also do wonders to the mirror. For general illumination, bathroom light can use recessed lights. They function very well when placed above a shower or bath tub to emit soft glow. The setting is similar to a spa. Lighting experts recommend using two recessed lights for the bath tub and in the hall or other open areas. Some bathrooms are large to accommodate chandeliers. The latest trend is to use it exactly above the bath tub. Chandeliers have many bulbs. Choose the one that has three bulbs, like a mini-chandelier. A dimmer switch allows people to adjust the lights for the ambience of bathroom. Sconces can be great for Bathroom lighting. When used, its effect can be marvelous. People use sconces on each side of the master vanity to have soft light and to produce friendly ambience. Actually, sconce lighting is good at ambient lighting, the first of two types of lighting. Some lighting experts also use table lamps in the bathroom to add human touch. Of course, they should be displayed away from water or wet areas. Tables, vanities and bathroom islands are the proper place for table lamps. Generally, the bathroom ceiling needs a nice fixture for overall illumination of the bathroom. One light is not expected to carry several tasks and purposes. A light fixture that is functional and decorative can be suspended from the ceiling to provide elegance. For security purposes, some bathroom use night-light installed in the toe-kick portion beneath the vanity or base cabinets. Low-voltage bathroom lighting can effectively serve its purpose. Nevertheless, if you have fixture that uses dimmer switch, you can also adjust it to have soft night glow. Of course, quality must not sacrifice savings. Bathroom lighting fixtures use bulbs that are energy-efficient. Designers call it Energy star fixtures. Energy star is a rating given by the government to bathroom lighting that meet certain criteria. Do your need to make some lighting changes in your bathroom? At our site you have the choice of many different fixtures. We have discounts on many fixtures. You will find the lights you need at Lighting fixtures for home . Our lights will give you new ideas to make your bathroom a great place to be. Check out the new lamps at .
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