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How To Decide What Storm Shutters You Need

Date Added: September 11, 2009 07:11:23 AM
Author: Rudy Silva

Storm Shutters serves as window protection to prevent damage to the area come storm and hurricanes season. They are also important to provide security and reduction of noise from the outside. Window shutters come in different classification. There are roll down shutters, storm panels or panel shutters and decorative. In selecting the best window shutters, few factors need to be considered. These are the area, severity and type of storms in your location and the design of storm panels or storm. Colonial shutters are the most easy to recognize from the display. From the outside, they are mounted on the sides of the windows. If you are looking for more stylish and expensive hurricane window protection, Colonial storm shutters are the answer. They are made of slats and most useful as far as light control is concerned. However, on the negative side, they are opened and closed from the outside of the window. Bahama Shutters are identical to Colonial shutters, only that instead of mounting from the sides, they are mounted from the top of the window. Nevertheless, Bahama shutters are the best storm panels for hurricane window protection and for providing shade. This type of storm panel is common in tropical areas. When it comes to appearance, they blend very well with a romantic conventional home image while providing safety. In addition, they can be closed and opened from the inside. They can come in aluminum or fiberglass. Rolling shutters are fundamentally for security, convenience and sound reduction. They are also the most expensive type. Unlike the two types of storm shutters mentioned earlier, rolling shutters are mounted from the inside of the windows. They come handy particularly in the second floor. Steel, poly-carbon and aluminum are the common materials used in rolling shutters. Moreover, roll down or rolling shutters have two varieties: the motor-operated or hand-cranked. They are also flexible in its installation. Rolling shutters can be mounted in a whole house using single control or individual window control. On the negative side, they are expensive to maintain and install. The other type of storm panels is decorative. As the name suggests, they are for decoration and security but not for hurricane protection. Its materials vary from vinyl, aluminum, wood and composite. In buying hurricane window shutters, you need to determine your budget and duration. At most, storm panels are the least expensive. They can come in different materials such as galvanized steel, clear polycarbonate or aluminum. Storm panels are installed by bolting directly to the sidings of the house, masonry or into the rails that are also bolted to the side of the house. If you choose metal and polycarbonate panel combination, its advantage is allowing light to penetrate into the house. Accordion shutters are another type of storm shutters that offer convenience and security. They are permanently installed to the house from the outside while it can be closed and opened either from the outside or inside of the house. Ordinarily, accordions are manufactured from low-maintenance coated components of aluminum. Storm shutters are vital in providing window protection particularly during hurricane and storm seasons. They are also excellent in protecting your home and valuables from physical damage of violent storms. Depending on the area, storm panels can also lower the costs of your home insurance. Do you want more helpful tips to guide you on how to choose storm shutters? Our site has a number of helpful topics that can give you information about storm panels. We have some exciting information that provides ideas about how shutters can effectively protect your property. Come and visit Non-Impact Windows to further your knowledge about storm shutters. You can now have a less hassle during bad weather. Go checkout our site at .
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