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Info To Help You Decide About Lighted Magnifying Lamp

Date Added: February 18, 2011 03:03:09 AM
Author: Rudy Silva
Category: Home & Garden

A lighted magnifying lamp makes scrutiny efficient and easy. Such is especially true if you collect items such as coins and stamps, or repair watches, design jewelry, or read a lot. A magnifier lamp prevents strain on your eyes as you strive hard to see through tiny objects or understand through small letters on a pocket book. A light magnifier does not only increase - yes, it does enlarge objects and characters -- the size of what you are trying to scrutinize at. It also illuminates the material with full spectrum of lights enabling you to work longer without stress. Known as revolutionary lamps, a lighted magnifying lamp comes in different dimensions and designs to meet your needs. One brand of it is Luxo. Luxo 5D bestows 15% more light output with fewer flickers. It has an internal spring arm to permit you a 30” reach. Once you have positioned it, you can guarantee that it holds firmly with ultimate balance. It has a 5-inch optical quality white crown glass that houses 5 diopter lens. Its bulb-tube light specifically-has 22 watts and is replaceable. It is also protected by a diffuser and has shadow-free light magnifying objects to 175. Its outlet has three prongs in clamp-mount base and handle for positioning the lens. Dazor is another brand of a lighted magnifying lamp. Also, this lamp presents a shadow-free light under the lens. One attractive feature it has is a hands-free reading or scrutinizing. Its circular light source for a uniform illumination on the surface where you are viewing supports detailed work and reading in fine print. It enhances the color contrasts. Its lens is 5-inch and precision-ground. Its lens is made of crown-optical glass that can house 3, 5, 11, or 16 diopters depending on your standards. Dazor 3D has an arm stretching up to 28 inches and which can sit on a weighted base. Its 8MR rectangular magnifier desk lamp features a rectangular-shaped lens that stretches its 5-inch circular viewing section into 6 ¾ inches, making it possible to have wider viewing area and which also reduces eye strain and fatigue. And because of wider viewing area, the visual scanning speed is improved as more area is magnified. The 8MR uses a powerful 18-watt compact fluorescent light allowing you options such as hi-lighting effect, illumination, and shadow-free. It also comes in a 3-conductor cord. If you want cordless, you can opt for lighted magnifying cordless go-anywhere lamp. It is the perfect lighted magnifying lamp that you can bring wherever you are. Because it is cordless, it is electric-efficient. It features 3x magnification with 5x bifocal spot magnification. Its large glass magnifying lens helps you see with comfort while the bright white LED bulb assures a long battery life. A cordless lighted magnifying lamp proves very useful because you have options of choosing the area to read or work. A lighted magnifying lamp is your best friend in performing either your hobby or work. It helps you complete a book you are reading or the task at hand so that you can advance to the next. Have an easier nighttime reading with Lighted lamp magnifying . Perform your tasks and hobbies efficiently with the use of this lamp. We at will help you find and choose the magnifying lamps you need. With our contacts to various brands, we will make sure that you will have “illumined” choices when it comes to lamps. Go to our site at and find out if we have what you need.
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